Hello, my name is Erin. – I’m a mother, wife and aspiring nurse.

I decided to start “pepper” to cope with the recent loss of my
son, Henri. This is a personal journey for me. A personal blog, rather. I’d be
honored if you’d read along, but it’s not expected. I’m looking to unpack all
the difficult layers of grief and figure out how hope and faith works within
that space. Trying to remain encouraged by the scripture and all His promises.

I’ve always had an affinity for art, fashion, culture, music, food and
travel. So, when I feel up to it, I’ll sprinkle that in.

Last year, I decided to part ways with my 15-year career in fashion and pursue nursing. After many years of creating, I still felt the push to do something meaningful and helpful. Christ lead me to nursing. I’m looking to specialize in labor & delivery. My heart towards women and children has always been there but remained overshadowed by youthful vision and ambition. However, God knows when you’re ready to listen and it couldn’t be more perfect timing. I’m a mother with experience and maturity. My relationship with Christ is continuing to grow and it is rooted in the word.

With that, I see that there’s a need for spiritual support and care in maternal health. Specifically, in black maternal health. I want the opportunity to play a part in diminishing the black maternal health disparities in hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics. Something I’ve encountered frequently. Black women are experiencing unacceptably poor maternal health outcomes. This includes death. My heart aches about the statistics and I want to do my part. Whatever that may be.

I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you!

Bare with me and let’s be kind to each other



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